Simple Ways to Help

How you can make a difference today:

Bring your own cloth bag to shops.

Drink tap water or use refilling stations.

Carry your own reusable bottle and stainless steel straw.

Don’t buy body or face scrubs with micro-beads.

Carry your take-out – don’t take the plastic bag.

Buy fruit and veggies not wrapped in plastic.

Use matches instead of plastic lighters.

Avoid using single use plastics such as plates, utensils, straws, etc.

Buy refillable liquid bottles, not single use.

Use bars of soap and shampoo, not liquids.

Buy butter sticks, not plastic tubs.

Never release balloons.

Avoid synthetic fiber clothing, or at least don’t wash it as often.

REJECT plastic if ever offered.

If you cannot reject, then be sure to recycle.

REJECT – Reduce – Re-use – Recycle

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