Welcome to my site!

My goals are to spread awareness of the serious, growing problem of ocean pollution and simple ways to make a difference.

My platform and life’s work is to reduce pollution in our oceans. As an Illinois titleholder for the Miss Earth pageant, I have spearheaded many volunteer events to improve  environmental conscientiousness.  To name just a few:  I have spoken to former president Obama’s Ambassador to the Association for the Southeast Asian Nations on how to find inroads that would inspire companies and and governments to establish new policies and practices that reduce or ban plastic litter;  I have held beach cleanups to reduce trash on the shores of Lake Michigan and in the Bahamas; and, I have held screenings of the award-winning film A Plastic Ocean educating the public on the importance of rejecting single- use plastic. At each event I attend and volunteer for, I hand out free reusable tote bags and stainless steel straws to further encourage people to make easy changes in their life for the benefit of our oceans and our future.

I will continue doing community service and organizing events that will engage the public to act now on the issues of ocean pollution. By continuing to partner with eco- friendly organizations to do community service, we will create everlasting change to better our future.

But, it doesn’t end there. I plan to get a degree in marine biology to then get my JD to be an environmental lawyer to continue my passions of studying and saving our oceans.

I hope to leave a legacy that has inspired communities, corporations, and the government to address this issue now rather than allowing it to progress and do more harm.